Wilderness Crossing is a master planned community that is currently in rezoning.

Wilderness Crossing creates a framework for an economically and ecologically sustainable, pedestrian oriented community. The design strikes a balance between the land uses that create dynamic spaces and the strengths of the surrounding natural environment.

This community is designed to be a walkable neighborhood with convenience of location and enjoyment of green parks, open spaces, and retail built in.


At the heart of the community vision is human interaction weaved into a new pattern of living in which residential, commercial and retail are tied together and community amenities, parks and open spaces are connected through a series of sidewalks and community trails.

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Wilderness Crossing's development team has worked endlessly to design a unique community that finds balance and harmony in its natural environment. The community is designed to be developed in phases, over a 40-year period. The phasing seamlessly blends together residential homes, commercial, retail, amenities, and schools.

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Wilderness Crossing: Smart Planning for Growth

The development team designed the neighborhood with a mission of Smart Planning for Growth, which includes the following areas:

Town Center Creates Community Synergy
Utilize Route 3 as a Commercial Corridor
Diversity of Housing Types
Recreation Space
Parks and School Sites


The Community: A 40 Year Vision

The development team had defined a high-level, four-phase vision of the community that includes both near and long-term recommendations over 40 years. The development phasing has been formulated based on current market information, existing infrastructure, and known constraints. However, should solutions be identified earlier than expected - the longer-term phases could be realized earlier. Each of the four phases is outlined in the overall community map below.

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