Wilderness Crossing sets Standards and Expectations

Wilderness Crossing is a place where you can live, work and play with a higher standard of design and development. It's people friendly and business ready and blends seamlessly with the natural environment and the surrounding neighborhoods, such as Lake of the Woods, Wilderness Shores and Fawn Lake. Wilderness Crossing is a dynamic destination that results in an economic engine for the entire County.

Wilderness Crossing sets standards and expectations for a harmonious development and encourages economic growth.

Wilderness Crossing provides for Smart Growth for Orange County

Wilderness Crossing Promotes Connectivity

Wilderness Crossing is planned to be a walkable community with an extensive trail and sidewalk network connecting the community to the surrounding area. It's centrally located along the Rapidan River and Wilderness Run and is minutes to surrounding golf courses, historic features in the area, and Germanna Community College.

Wilderness Crossing promotes connectivity and provides ample conservation areas and open space throughout the land plan.

Wilderness Crossing By The Numbers

2 Golf Courses Near Wilderness Crossing
30 Miles of Neighborhood Trail Network
Regional, Community and Pocket Parks
Community Clubhouses and Recreation
River and Steam Access

A community is designed to live well. It's a place that is more than just homes. A place where you can meet a friend at a local café, shop at the neighborhood market, and gather with family at home. A place where you can open an office for your business down the street from where you live, shop in the boutiques and get pampered at your favorite salon. Maybe even join friends for a concert on the event lawn, for yoga at the clubhouse or for a walk on the community trails – all located within walking distance from home.

Wilderness Crossing is designed to be that kind of place.

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